New plastic multispan greenhouse.

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Always at the leading edge of innovation, CMF Groupe launches a new era in the range of plastic multispan greenhouses. GreenPush means more volume, increased light, higher load support and better resistance for enhanced performance.

A greenhouse structure that makes the difference

The design of its tubes and posts is what makes the difference between GreenPush and the existing plastic multispan greenhouses.

CMF GreenPush Innovation

Beyond standard widths (8,00m / 9,60m / 12,80m / 16,00m), distances between posts of 3, 4 or 5m, heights under gutters of 4,50m / 5,00m / 6.00 m / 7.00 m, the design of the GreenPush makes it possible to consider larger widths.

These dimensions allow to imagine new cultivation methods, and new production types.

Posts Resistance GreenPush
Tubes resistance GreenPush

In addition, new attachments and new brackets allow to set up the GreenPush plastic multispan greenhouse faster and with greater efficiency.

Get a better climate
GreenPush serre multichapelle volume

Better humidity and temperature control within the greenhouse.

For more immediate results
Serre lumière_GreenPush

With a 10% reduction in drop shadows, compared to the market references.

1% light = 1 % return

Higher crops load support
Serre charge_GreenPush

The 105x60mm ovalized tube, main element of the GreenPush, metallic frame, allows to increase by 60% the permitted load  compared to the market references with equivalent geometry.

Climatic constraints
Serre resistance_GreenPush

Wind, snow… once again, the resistance properties of the 105 mm x 60 mm ovalized tubes and 120 mm x 60 mm posts allow to set up higher, wider, and bigger plastic multispan greenhouses, regardless of climatic constraints.