January 2011 – ECO KLIMA: climate control and thermal performances

innvationPerfoWith the previous aluminium range :
– Uw = 3,79 W/m2.K
glass with a dimension of 1.240 x 0.80 m/standard double glazing – Ug = 2.8 W/m2 K)
– Uw = 2,50 W/m2.K
(glass with a dimension of 1.240 x 0.80 m/double glazing with low emissivity + Argon – Ug = 1.1 W/m2 K)

Profil ECO KLIMA :
The ECO KLIMA frame falls within the RT 2005 safeguard: Uw = 2.6 W/m2K with the following performances:ECO KLIMA frame:
– Uw = 1,65 W/m2.K
(glass with a dimension of 1.850 x 1.067 m/double glazing with low emissivity + Argon – Ug = 1.1 W/m2 K)

July 2011 – 1200 J certification obtained. (Glazed roof resistance) November 2011 – AEV ranking (EEC standard sealing performance)

Diverse applications

Range of frames adaptable to the renovation of buildings for better thermal performance.

Controlled ventilation

Integration of a natural continuous chassis ventilation system, powered and controlled for better management of climate roofing and/or cladding.

Amplified light

Layout: expanding the size of glass to 1.067 m and a height of 1.850 m.

Aesthetically appropriate

Designer bead glazing with embedded screw system to allow a clipped, customisable finish cover.

Adjustable multi-finish range

From single to double glazed low emissivity.
Possibility of using polycarbonate up to 32 mm.

Improved ventilation chassis and wall sealing

October 2011 – CMF is the first manufacturer in the industry to obtain an AEV ranking.
Implementation of a double glazed cover with laying system on 4 supports.

Better resistance

Compliant glazing depth for all thickness and all types of lining.
In accordance with the regulations and technical advice.